Kam Fai Tai
Global Director
SURE Architecture Limited


Mr. Kam Fai Tai has an excellent educational background and rich industry experience. After completing a B.Arch. at the School of Architecture in Tsinghua University in Beijing, he obtained both Dip. Arch & M. Arch degrees at the University of Sheffield in the UK. He worked in different locations and many types of projects. The East and West education and working experience gave him the thought of globalization and localization.
Kam is focusing on sustainable urban regeneration and eco architecture, specializing in low tech and non tech sustainability. He has a wealth of experience and innovative design conception in a different scale projects. Prior to joining SURE Architecture, he worked with numerous master architects, including Lord Norman Foster and Prof. Rem Koolhaas. He had completed the Manchester Academy, the London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 Extension, the Willis building and other key projects. As a project architect for one of the largest and most complicated buildings in the world, he successfully led the design and realization of the CCTV and TVCC Towers in Beijing. At SURE Architecture, he leads the active teams internationally and finished winning the 1st prize for the London Skyscraper Design, Gold prize of London Design Awards 2014, winner of the Shanghai Regional Art Museum Design, 1st prize for the Yinchuan Urban Planning Exhibition Centre  Design and was shortlisted for the Home Competition in Paris, Pavilion of Milan Expo 2015 and Future Wimbledon conceptual masterplan. He has conducted research and published relevant academic papers on sustainable development and urban regeneration. He also researched  5 Dimensional Architecture and brought this theory to join the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 for the exhibition of ‘Time Space Existence’.

Dr. Florian Terguzon 


Florian has a doctorate in ecological construction; he is also an architect who pays specific attention to ecological design. A German-born British Architect educated in German and British universities, Florian received his PhD degree from the University of Liverpool. He has worked for many years in Germany and the UK for large practices such as Foster. Florian is a promoter and practitioner of sustainable aspects, studying building physics and passive energy saving for many years, he uses his expert knowledge to promote the design and practice of green building. He takes a very serious approach but at the same time has a highly artistic spirit towards innovation. He has a core belief that the design is the process that answers all ‘whys?’. Although architects are not sociologists, they must solve social problems. Florian is highly experienced from involvement in large scale urban regeneration and eco-architectural designs.

Charlie Johnson


Charlie is a creative and artistic architect. After graduation from AA School, he spent a year traveling throughout Europe, North America and parts of Africa and the Middle-East. He experienced the collision between different cultures and the way this is reflected in buildings. In England Charlie has engaged in artistic creation, holding many personal art exhibitions in London. Charlie is a design and art perfectionist, bold and creative, using cutting-edge concepts and aesthetic expression in design, his works are stylish and individual. His designs attempt to break internationalization, drawing from his own multinational travel experience to highlight local and cultural characteristics. Charlie believes that art should be created for innovation and draw from local culture, and that each work should have its own personality.


Team List:

Alex Potter
Alan G Welch
Anthony D M An
Andy C Li
Bertie L Qiao
Carlos Gonzalez Martinez
Chengyou Shi
Christopher Y H Ming
Dangping Chen
Dona K K Wu
Doina Barel
Dora R Zhao
Eliane  Bilion
Fred W Fu
Fan Lu
Gary K B Ip
Guo Qing Wu
Hyun Ben Kang
Harold C Fang
Helen B Wen
Heng Shi
Henry P Liu
Irina Titova
Isabella Young
Jason X Liu
Jeff K Choi
Jia Lu
Jiali Wang
Jinjing Zhang
Jon A Ferguson
Kong Cheng Kim
Krystal Y Jiang
Karen K W Lee
Keming Bi
Lluis  Bordons Mesonero
Luke J Stephenson
Lele Yang
Lin Ma
Maggie Wang
Marcia M Xie
Mark F Chan
Matthew Jones
Matteo Vergano
Meng Chen
Michael J L Sun
Min Gen Lam
Mo Yang
Nancy Y Qian
Peter W Franklin
Qin Quan
Queenie K Zhu
Quentin Francois
Ran An
Rita Y Wang
Reinald Fratti
Robert Y P Lang
Rui Chao An
Sunny X Sun
Tory Y T Liu
Wenjian Zhu
William H Wang
Wing Kow Leung
Xiaodong Liu
Xiaotan Liang
Xiaoteng Xu
Ying Yang
Yingying Sun
Yonglong Xiao
York Gao
Yow Han Wong
Zhen Du
Zhigang Chen
(Including all current and ex-SURE staff)

Thanks for all of your contribution!

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