SURE Architecture is a leading global architecture and design practice providing architecture, interior, landscape and urban design & masterplanning services within Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and America. Our offices in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai allow us to apply international expertise with local knowledge and delivery thus supporting the communities in which we work. The company is built on the belief that good design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

The award-winning company concentrates on Sustainable Urban Regeneration & Eco Architecture, and that is also why the name of SURE Architecture comes from. We are committed to our core value of design excellence and are dedicated to research & development and sustainability. Sure Architecture is a design-led architecture practice fusing international design quality with local service delivery. We draw on our global expertise to provide context-specific and cost-effective design to clients. Globalization and localization will be also in balance in our team and projects.

SURE Architecture is consistently strengthening and expanding its range of expertise across multiple sectors. The practice is currently a world-leading provider of architectural services for cultural, mixed-use, residential, commercial, retail and renovation projects.

SURE Architecture commitment to sustainability and investment in research and development drives innovation in the practice’s design-led approach. We will continue to ensure that SURE Architecture is the exemplary design architect of choice for provide context-specific and cost-effective design to clients. Globalization and localization will be also in balance in our team and projects.
SURE Architecture is committed to creating vibrant urban spaces that enhance quality of life. The design of an urban space must address a broad range of interrelated factors and, to be successful, it must express the delicate balance among function, climate, style, budget, society and culture.

To achieve this goal, we begin each project by thoroughly studying the needs of the client and analysing the site until we have gained a thorough appreciation of the issues and challenges. Then, after many design iterations that also look at precedents and context, we evolve an inspiring vision that steers the project to completion.
SURE Architecture offers a comprehensive range of interior design services. Our service can be directly tailored to accommodate individual client needs. Our Interior designers provide services to many sectors which include space analysis, space planning, interior design, concept design, bespoke furniture design, refurbishment and new build installation design. We approach every project objectively, providing a high level of service that will reflect the qualities, values and aspirations of our clients.

Our international experience extends across a range of new-build and refurbishment projects for both public and private sector and includes schemes for commercial premises, shopping mall, office space, cafes, restaurants and bars, private residences and specialist residential accommodation and hotels.
SURE Architecture is trying to create attractive and accessible external spaces — vital in the creation of successful communities.” Our team undertakes all aspects of landscaping, from masterplanning and initial concepts through to detailed design and on-site delivery.

SURE Architecture understands the importance of initial and ongoing assessment and evaluation and embarks upon thorough and exacting audit procedures prior to and throughout the lifecycle of the project design and delivery process. The Team of established Architects and consultants is available to appraise proposals prior to planning, evaluate and 'Fine-tune' projects that are on-site and assess the potential and redevelopment opportunities of completed schemes. Our experience has shown that considered design can have a fundamental impact on not just the aesthetic but also the economic success of a project, be it an individual building, large scale development or masterplan. Effective design can reduce running costs, increase value and improve customer spend whilst maximising commercial opportunities.

At SURE Architecture, we recognize that we have a responsibility to effectively contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability. We have therefore developed a system to embed sustainable thinking within the culture of the firm. We work closely with our clients and providers of expert knowledge to deliver more sustainable design solutions, relevant to the unique social, economic and environmental context of each project. Responsible design practice is promoted by building on experience, encouraging education, the recruitment of new and complementary skills and, where necessary, collaboration with external experts. We believe in leading by example. By improving the urban environment in which we live, we can leave a legacy of which we can be proud.
SURE Architecture has advanced to become a one-stop provider, the leading curtain wall consultant in Europe and Asia. Our expertise is borne from CCTV Façade team and practical experience in façade consultancy. Through the years, it has established partnerships with the world’s top architects and owners and has played a vital role in the development of curtain wall systems for various celebrated landmarks around the world. We formulate viable solutions, addressing concerns and coordinating closely with clients even before the design evolves too far. We are not only work on façade design but also help our clients (architects and owners) to start architectural design at conceptual stage.