SURE Architecture Winning the Second Prize of International Cultural Center of “Ukrainian House on European Square”

Sure Architecture won the Second Prize of the International Cultural Center competition for the "Ukrainian House on European Square” organized by "Territory of Dignity: International competition".
Our project offers a holistic strategy to revitalize the Ukrainian House and its surrounding public spaces in order to create a common, social and cultural, human-scale space, both welcoming and attractive.
We aim to create a place commemorating the Revolution of Dignity and the Heaven Hundred, while at the same time looking towards the now and the future.
Maintaining continuity with the creative momentum generated during the Revolution of Dignity and the occupation of the Ukrainian House, our project is a place of freedom of expression, creation and innovation. With a wealth of ideas and activities, the Ukrainian House at the European Square will affirm the Ukrainian unity, diversity and cultural identity.

SURE Architecture won 1st prize with its proposal for "Endless City in Height"
Our 1st prize winning proposal “Endless City in Height” is one of our more innovative ideas about future sustainable cities that transforms the skyscraper into a stunning, upright ecosystem. The skyscraper would be a great space saver for densely populated cities because it will allow them to expand upward instead of outward. It would help to create much-needed space in crowded city areas and feature its own ecosystem. The building's shape would minimize water loss by reusing water where possible, maximize passive energy use and reduce artificial lighting, ventilation and cooling needs. Six vertical tubes would support the ramps and provide vertical transport spaces for people, energy, waste, water and prefabricated modular steel elements for the skyscraper's growth. 

SURE Architecture shortlisted on Future Wimbledon by Wimbledon Masterplan
Wimbledon Town Centre in 2030 will be an attractive, vibrant, innovative and sustainable beating heart.
Consideration of sustainability has guided the project’s design whilst also enriching the architectural and landscape experience. The shape of the building fosters passive energy, natural light and ventilation, views of the city and less impact on the surroundings. The suspended landscape hosts a diversity of green areas (woodlands, fruit trees, shared vegetable gardens, perennial meadow flowers, wild tall meadows and wetlands), creating an ecosystem. Like a ‘green lung’ in the dense city, our project offers spaces for natural life to develop but also for citizens to enjoy nature and escape the stresses of modern life while being at the heart itself of our dynamic contemporary city.

SURE Architecture Asia Pacific Property Awards for Sanqiandu Prototype Room
Game of Boxes:
A new and modern homes interior concept design where living at home becomes a game from when you arrive home until you go to bed. Designed for a young couple with children who are going to be involved in a new style of living design; where two types of furniture are designed by boxes; one, involving the sharing and active areas; the second as part of private and relaxation time. Both will make you follow them and keep you organized in the home. Comfortable and young is the main concept of this design.

SURE Architecture received the high-end design award for the Hotel Liesma project
A new regeneration Hotel close to the sea in Latvia’s capital Riga was the brief for this project. The first aim was to write a new “song” for the old building. We explored and followed some lines to create new partitions. These lines come up and down around the existing building to represent their own song. A new feeling and inspirational space is the only way to understand the project. The old and new elements cannot be readily separated. A dialogue is created between water and light, spaces and materials, nature and construction, landscape and building. It is the interior design of the Music Hotel. The lines not only play outside of the building but also come into the interior with one special rhythm. They provide a new understanding and bring a new poetry to the space. Lines involve people and make it necessary to follow them.
SURE Architecture shortlisted for the fourth Prize on the ArchTriumph Awards for the London Pavilion project
Transparent materials, mirrors, colors, and natural light create a space to stimulate people’s perceptions by changing real things, inviting them to dream and become part of a magical space where dreams come true and reality becomes a dream.

SURE Architecture won the bid for the "All Legend International Hotel  Interior Design" project
This interior design uses a leaf motif as an important element for decoration referring to Tiens Group’s logo and company philosophy of a healthy industry. The leaf pattern is used as a common shape in the overall design. The fresh open design creates a natural and organic environment while providing a unique experience for guests.
Colors and materials are clearly and carefully selected for each situation in order to allow visitors to share the perfect experience.   

SURE Architecture won the bid for the "Ningxia Urban Planning Exhibition Center" project
To become a historic landmark, as evident!
Yinchuan Exhibition Center has been developed in Yinchuan, Ningxia, in the North-West of China. For a long time Ningxia has had a great cultural influence of Islamic Style. This cultural element can be found present around the whole city. The Yinchuan Government is planning a new CBD (Central Business District) as a new extension of this city and where the project is located.

SURE Architecture shortlisted for the France Home International Competition
The aim of this competition is to design a quality, low cost home that will tackle issues of homelessness and provide homes for the elderly in our society.
We developed a unit comprising of a “kit” and standard size elements, a simple structure and cladded panels for the façade. Light and quick to transport and build, this compact module can be a stand-alone or organized in groups.

Sure Architecture-Stunning Gold Prize Winner
SURE Architecture stands out as the Gold Winner of 2014 London Design Awards in the Architecture-Proposed sector by proposing the innovated "Endless Vertical City". The award programs focus on promoting the value of design in local markets across three continents, and encourage most creative minds to accelerate the transformation to a design-led market.

SURE Architecture won Entrepreneur of the Year of the British Business Awards 2014 
SURE Architecture is a leading global architecture and design practice providing architecture, interior design, landscape and urban design & masterplanning services within Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and America. The multiple locations of our offices in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai allow us to apply international expertise with local knowledge and thus supporting the communities in which we work. The company is built on the belief that good design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.SURE Architecture stood  out to win the Nomination Award over numerous other businesses.