Project Name: Biostime Office Interior Design
Location: Guangzhou, China
Size: 2000 sqm
Biostime is a premium pediatric nutrition and baby care products provider in China. They are focused on high-end consumers and strive to offer them a full range of quality products through joint research and development with global leading partners.
This project is located at the new GMP plant zone in Guangzhou; it will turn an old factory into a new early education space and office area.
Biostime can be divided into 2 words, BIOS + Time. BIOS means life in Greek; the company provides a professional care for babies from a very early stage to ensure a healthy life. In our design we use the Chinese Taoist culture represented by a colorful tree of life. We create a central connection through different floors that organize people flow. This central connection is created by curved walls and stairs and by different openings in the ceiling that connect the different floors. A healthier happy colorful environment can offer infants an enjoyable space.