Project Name: Wuhan Sunshine 100
Location: Chengdu, Wuhan, China
Size: 446 000 sqm
Wuhan Sunshine 100
Sunshine 100, the Great Lake, close to the National Wetland Park of Hidden Dragon Island, is the first large international residential project by Sunshine 100 in Wuhan. An original slope over 10 meters in height is retained in the project plan. The project includes a variety of functions such as villas, garden houses with elevators, apartments, SOHO, a waterfront art commercial street of thousands of meters, a bilingual kindergarten, a sink-style club (including a swimming pool with constant temperature, business center, fitness center and a basketball court), a light forest gallery and a lakefront park of 70 000 sqm, thereby forming the unique digitalized community in Wuhan. The overall design approach is centered on modern techniques, namely volumes and façade lines which are expressed to display the image of modern architecture in Central China.