Project Name: Yinchuan Childrens Park
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
Size: 230 500 sqm
Client: Construction Group Real Estate Company
The Children’s Family Park is a development program and a preliminary design for the enjoyment of Chinese families. Families in China are often separated because children are looked after by their grandparents outside of the big cities where their parents live and work. The objective of this project is to develop a concept park where families can meet up and enjoy their time together. This does not just include entire families but also extended relatives and friends who can join to create a society. The design is focused on this relationship between families. A comprehensive analysis of programs and site specific organizational principles has been used to realise connections with larger networks, integrating diverse parameters into a coherent design solution. The design aims to provide a sustainable approach in terms of ecology, economy and social cohesion by introducing a variety of public, cultural and technological spaces which are strongly linked to the natural landscape. The project encompasses and includes diverse uses such as: an ecological farm, creative botanical garden, green kindergarten, children’s amusement park, leisure & entertainment centre, parent-children theme park, international training experience centre, home for senior citizens and an international cooperation primary school all contained within this new thematic Family Park.
The green design strategy aims to create a synergy between the environment and the public by offering spaces where high green density becomes a social and economic indicator for quality of life.