Project Name: All Legend International Hotel  Interior Design
Location: Tanjin, China
Size: 100 000 sqm
Client: ALL Legend International Hotel

All Legend International Hotel is a private business hotel for the Tiens Group. Sure Architecture’s interior design is inspired by special moments in our daily life. The interior explores the harmony between such concepts as elegance, power, value, health, beauty and business. Each function of the hotel is created by exclusive atmospheres which evoke special memories for clients. Hotels are places to stay, meet, play, and increasingly, to work. They have become important “3rd places” where business gets done. Meetings with clients, places for collaborating and building relationships, even places for “heads down” work. If it happens in business, at some point it happens in a hotel.
The interior design uses a leaf motif as an important element for the decoration and refers to the Tiens Group logo and company philosophy of a healthy industry. The leaf pattern is used as a common shape in the overall design. Fresh open design creates a natural and organic environment while providing a unique experience for guests. Colors and materials are clearly selected for each situation and intend to provide visitors with a perfect experience of sharing. Spaces like the theatre auditorium and the hotel ballroom create a public plaza experience.
The key element of the theatre is the continuity of space from the theatre foyer through the auditorium and to the stage. Another important element is the movable seating; the auditorium area can be changed into a truly horizontal surface throughout the entire theatre.