Project Name: National Center of Contemporary Art Moscow
Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 32 100 sqm
Gross Area ratio: 1.45
Client: The Ministry of Culture of russian Federation and federal publicly-funded cultural insitution National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
The central concept for the draft of the New National Center of Contemporary Art was the translation of the idea behind Malevich’s paintings into the language of architecture. Different scales and spatial connections can be experienced both in the building’s configuration as well as through the large spatial medium.
The new construction’s coherent formal reaction to the urban context is manifested by its formal expression and position within the city structure. Raised above the level of its surroundings the building brings a new special and strong character to the city. It is accessed by an ascending ramp as well as some varied ground level access which opens out into the museum’s forecourt, an integrated part of the building, which proceeds into the museum’s internal foyer.
The architectural shape is the appropriate answer to the building’s function and the exceptional position of its exhibits; the internal exhibition concept is based on the idea by which various areas and zones are allocated to their respective levels. This concept permits different experiences and spatial opportunity which can be enjoyed by visitors and involve them in a fantastic atmosphere. Inner and outer space are interfering, shaping the external design of the museum.
The differentiated but interconnected spatial sequences of public spaces and entertainment spaces inside the building create a lively, discussion-rich setting for conversations, and societal interaction and at the same time permit the creation of a building that can offer the peace and concentration that is desirable for artistic enjoyment.
The new landmark building will host a mix of contemporary cultural uses; an attraction for residents and artists, as well as domestic and international guests. From the most public to the most private of spaces, the height of the building allows for a spectacular view of the city.
The new National Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow provides the visitor a visually exciting environment and a transition to the future.