Project Name: Ningxia Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
Size: 25 302 sqm
Client: Yinchuan Urban Planning Bureau
Yinchuan Exhibition Center is developed in Yinchuan, Ningxia, in the northwest of China. Ningxia has for long time enjoyed a great Islamic cultural influence. This culture is present throughout the whole city. The Yinchuan Government is planning a new CBD (Central Business District) as a new extension to the city and where the project is located.
We break through the conventional Museum design and take into consideration the history and culture of this city. This 32 m high and 25 302 sqm, 5-floor museum building is being planned with a reasonable functionality partition, and a new arrangement style for the flow of visitors.
Helan carving is one of the creative points for developing the project. Helan stone is the greatest of the five treasures of Ningxia. The history of Yinchuan, the tradition of Chinese artistic stone carving and the Islamic culture were fused into The Urban Planning Exhibition Centre.
It will become a historic landmark and will be the starting point of the Chinese and Arabic Axis; furthermore, Yinchuan has the historic position of being China's bridge to the Arab world.
The Islamic pattern is used to design the façade, at the same time creating a beautiful decoration and interior space. The façade will be made with carved stone and filled with transparent glass. In this way, at the start of the nighttime illumination, the building will be brightened by itself.
Sustainable design is also the project core; according to terrain and physical environment analysis, the shape of the building is designed as a polyhedral space in order to reduce the impact of wind and especially avoiding the generation of vortices. We also use the physics of the building to organize the building shape coefficient; scientifically controlled windows and walls, efficient use of natural light, enhanced natural ventilation and other means to reduce building heat loss and energy consumption.