Project Name: Dachang Masterplan
Location: Dachang, Hebei, China
Size: 4.8 sqkm
Client: China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd
Note: Collaborating with CAUPD
The site is located in the west of Dachang County, Langfang City. It's bordered by Da'an West Street in the south, the confluence of the Baoqiu River and Yigan Canal in the north, Dachang-Xianghe Highway in the west and Hua'an Road in the east, with a total land area of about 470 hectares. We conducted a detailed analysis and explanations on the function positioning of the central area. The proposed road system could be well connected to both existing and planned road networks. The intersection of the existing Xia'an Road, Dachang-Xianghe Highway and Hua'an Road can be basically joined  with the planned crossing in the concept proposal. In regard to the water system planning, we made a slight modification to the fluvial trend of the current river and canal and constructed the "Ruyi" (meaning as one wishes) water system. The proposed water system is consistent with the specialized planning proposals of other water systems. The central area will be developed into a complex including a range of programs such as leisure, business, administration and culture. The commercial area will be laid out along the North-South New-Zone Development Axis, which is a little different from the function structuring of the upper-level planning. The site lies at the centre of the future county town. There are large tracts of land for development on both the west and east sides (these are north of the existing construction land in the county town) of the site. The motivation for land development on both the east and west sides of the site should be taken into consideration whilst conducting construction of the central area. The central area is aimed at fulfilling the functions of public services and residence. An urban landscape ecological axis will be planned in the north-south direction, three town function development zones will be planned in the east-west direction and an ecological landscape corridor will be planned along the Baoqiu River.