Project Name: Yinchuan Old City Regeneration
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
Size: 146 700 sqm 
Client: Construction Group Real Estate Company
Metamorphosis is SURE Architecture’s expectation for the Xing Qing Urban Regeneration; we believe that this project will outline an evolved Yinchuan through sound urban planning and appropriate architectural language. Our architectural philosophy is based on the three main concepts of Urban Growth, to integrate old and new and create a vibrant Yinchuan. In the process of a city’s development the importance of culture and history cannot be ignored as historical buildings contain not only cultural values but also the inhabitant’s memories and emotions. Selecting three different religious buildings as an anchor, a plaza of faith is created. Together with traditional Chinese culture, Islamic style and Western characteristics, the architectural proposition is developed to radiate outward. Moreover, the track of urban growth is re‑enacted through the concept of ‘three rings’; from the inside out, and from nostalgia to innovation. Meanwhile, the three rings idea is also addressed in different architectural styles which involve diverse cultural scenes and pleasant urban environments while maintaining local history.
Considering the faith plaza as the axis of the site; a commercially focused zone is created on the west side. Towards the east, a brand new area is developed for art and creative industries. Combining these three major function blocks, the aim is to highlight the local economic and cultural developments, and create a city that allows old and new elements as well as a diverse culture; a city symbolized as hope, the vibrant new Yinchuan.