Project Name: Sanqiandu Prototype Room 1
Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Size: 90 sqm
Shanxi Zhulin Zhehua Real Estate Ltd.
SURE Architecture’s design idea was to develop a new innovative proposal for a young style of living. The Game of Boxes Showroom is a modern house interior concept design where the living time starts to be a game from when you arrive home until you go to bed. Designed for a young couple with children; where two types of furniture are designed by boxes; creating space and organisational efficiency. Easy-life and comfortable living are the main concepts behind this design. We created two different climates of space using different colors and materials. One area includes the living, dining and study rooms and the second area, the two bedrooms.
The design of a visual accumulation of segments creates rhythm in the new space. These sculptures invade the floor, walls, and ceiling, having a strong elemental presence in the living room. Composed of suspended boxes, it makes the space more dynamic. It integrates and hides functional and technical components such as air conditioning, lighting, sound and ventilation. Elegant, young, relaxing, organization and innovation are the key words in this design concept.