Project Name: Smart 25sqm Apartment Location: Beijing, China Size: 25 sqm Client: **
We propose two different prototypes for a 24.5sqm apartment. Our two proposals aim to optimize spaces whilst maximizing stor¬age spaces which are usually missing in small apartments. In the 1st version, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes and other facilities are included inside a continuous and elegant furniture. This furniture has been designed with a subtle game of openings (different sizes, shapes and textures: mat/glossy). For the 2nd version, we have designed the bedroom at 1.5m height to offer more privacy and to accommodate underneath a large dressing. To free up the space of the dining area drawers are hosted under the sofa and the large table can be folded becoming a console along the wall. The dressing and the stairs leading to the bedroom can be drawn or hidden under the bed, optimizing space in the dining room. The colors, textures, materials of the apartments and the different spaces of the residential building (main hall, library, bar, gym) can be designed ac¬cording to these different color charts to provide a diversity of atmospheres. We can imagine different chart col¬ors for the same type of apartment to offer a larger choice for the future inhabitants who could chose the one which meet their tastes.