Project Name: Daegu Gosan Public Korean Library
Location: Gosan, Korea
Size: 3625 sqm
Client: - -
The exchange of information as a way of learning is the base of knowledge which allows humans to develop and establish relationships. A library could be considered as a point where knowledge and information have a physical place for supporting tasks such as studying, discussing or exchanging points of view. However these kinds of tasks nowadays can also be carried out in a virtual way. A physical presence is not always required.
The proposed project aims to generate a fusion in which there is continuity between the park and the building. Thus, the green belt enters into the plot to draw in the building geometry which consists of three different areas. The park, therefore, leads people into the library, revitalizing the neighborhood and establishing new axes of motion to deliver learning and knowledge for citizens.
The location of functions and spaces within the building also responds to gradients of public to private and loud to quiet. The space in the middle acts as an intermediate connector and it is more public orientated.
The building itself is intended to be an element of learning for visitors to interact and exchange information. There are LED screens designed in the building whose energy is supplied by solar panels and the roofs collect rainwater for irrigation of the plants in the green belt. In addition, there is a type of pavement power generation for lighting in the park which is in-keeping with an eco-friendly atmosphere to this project.