Project Name: Home International Competition
Location: Paris, France
Size: 50 000 sqm
Building Trust
The aim of this competition was to design a quality, low-cost home that will tackle issues of homelessness and provide homes for the elderly in our society.
In Paris, 49% of the population, more than 2 million people, 47% male and 53% female are actually single. The HOME competition is the opportunity for the PLUG-IN-PARIS project to make living more accessible and more affordable for an individual who wants to reside in the city without being relocated to the suburbs. Paris is a dense, expensive city and finding a proper site location available for this type of project can be a real problem. Our solution is to develop a simple and light semi-permanent home module which can be combined and work in a “cluster” to create a small community group. We defined 4 different strategies for plugging our organs into the city.
We developed a unit comprising of a “kit” and standard size elements, a simple structure and cladded panels for the façade. Light and quick to transport and build, this compact module can be stand-alone or organized in groups.