Project Name: Beidaihe Sea-Viewing Hotel
Location: Beidaihe, Hebei, China
Size: 8000 sqm
Beidaihe Sea-Viewing Hotel
Beidaihe Wanghailou Hotel, as a part of the Beidaihe Authority of Hebei Province, lies at the top of the Dongshan coastal area which is a famous tourist attraction (directly opposite Dove Nest Park). The hotel occupies an enviable geographical position between two coasts. The marvelous sunrise from Dove Nest Park is a highlight for Beidaihe tourists and is therefore the ideal place to locate a tourist resort.
This project is, above all, a renovation and expansion project. The original European architectural design could not meet the demand and development needs of a national tourist city. The style of the original façade also appears to have become obsolete. The designers expanded the main entrance and hotel lobby on the first floor to enhance the indoor public space and increase its functionality. The original structure and styling of the façade was enriched, and where possible, preserved by making decorations and improvements in the line with the original design.  
Building materials and elements from the façade were continued into the interior to provide a coherence and continuity between the old and the new designs over the entire project. Fine nodal design and the choise of materials augment and enrich the overall sense of quality throughout the hotel resort.
The hotel renovation was completed and it opened in July of 2012. The main building has 6 floors with totally 77 rooms (suites) in total and 7400 sqm of gross floor area.