Project Name: Changbaishan Powder Paradise Ski Resort
Location: Changbaishan, China
Size: 1181 m2 of regenerated wooden existing Building and 3093 m3 of a flexible New Structure
Client: Zhonghong  Commercial Management Co. Ltd
Note: Collaborating with IMG and Beijing Zhongke Architectural Design Institute
Changbaishan Powder Paradise Ski resort Design by SURE Architecture in collaboration with IMG and Zhonghong Holdings include 1181 m2 of regenerated wooden existing Building and 3093 m3 of a flexible New Structure. The Ski Resort is located in Changbaishan, China; the purpose of the design was to transform the site into a world class destination ski resort and recreational area.

Buildings are located on the Scenic beauty of Heaven Lake of Chanbaishan Mountain; destination of many local and international Tourists in China. The renovated Lodge buildings design is a combination between old and new, while new materials and modern decoration is used on the interiors the local materials and warm feeling of country side is still what give the character and enhance the comfortable mountain lifestyle and users experience. In the interior, warm wood materials with some color touch will give life to the different areas. The visitors experience is achieved by a memorable attractive interior spaces; cozy, intimacy and natural majesty that bring a unique character to the resort.

The new Buildings are designed to fit in the site and landscape. Designed with a flexible Sprung structure that will allow the buildings to be dismounted and reinstalled year by year on site. The masterplan design idea is to create a dialogue between nature and architecture getting into a local village context. The architecture extends the organic forms of the natural landscape.  Restaurant, Rental Hall, Ski School Center, Activity Center and Maintenance Center are the five New Sprung Structure buildings located into the site. The five series of new building and existing lodges will be easy accessible for skiers; well connected to network paths which prioritizes skiers and pedestrian links to the resort.