Project Name: Boat Museum
Location: Robinhood's Bay, UK
Size: 5000 sqm
Client: - -
A project to research the in-between space at the boundary between culture and nature. It is located to the south of the village at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. The site is at the edge of the village and connects with the sea. This project is developed by asking the question of how to extend modern architecture from a traditional British village. We researched the street context of the village and their points of connection and the narrative of the boundary between culture and nature. We borrowed a block from the village to work as the profile for our floor plans. The outdoor space provides an extension of the feeling and scale of the village to the seaside and also brings this idea back into our building to create special interior spaces. People can walk across the building to reach the hill, beach and village. It became a plaza for the village and also a junction of different destinations.