Project Name: London Pavillion
Location: London, UK
Size: 669 sqm
Client: ArchTriumph Awards
Life is a dream and dreams themselves are merely dreams of dreams. This is a famous sentence taken from Segismundo’s soliloquy in the play written by the Spanish author Calderon de la Barca. It can be considered as an allegory regarding the human predicament and the mystery of life.
From this point of view dreams and reality can be merged to a point where is hard to distinguish between them. Everything may depend on our perception and reality might be completely different for each one of us.
Everyone wants good dreams to come true, sometimes our dreams have a direct relation to our real life. Architects try to materialize our ideas by using materials that actually exist. Dreams or ideas can be materialized thanks to our creativity. We can modify things we know or things which are within our own reach. When the states of things change, so do their realities.
Dreams can be confusing sometimes, that’s why we get used to a loss of perception and space-time stops existing.
To substantiate the idea of the project we used materials that help to modify people's perception of the surroundings, such as colored Plexiglas, glass and stainless steel. Glass is a magical material which we can see through but at the same time can be a big wall dividing spaces but still making you feel closer. The roof and the south wall are made of colored Plexiglas. It is transparent and modifies the things we see through it. It has been located in the southern part of the building to be soaked by rays of light during the day, attempting to create the same effect as stained glass. The stainless steel works as a mirror and reflects real objects. It is contained as a rectangular piece under the glass.
Transparent materials, mirrors, colors, and natural light try to create a space to stimulate people’s perception by changing a view of reality, inviting them to dream and being part of a magical space where dreams come true and reality becomes a dream.