Project Name: Bauhaus Dessau Museum
Location: Dessau City Park, Germany
Size: 8,300 sqm
Client: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
The new Bauhaus Dessau Museum is a significant and central place for Bauhaus ideas expression, both past, present and future. 
Our project aims to reuse the Bauhaus principles as: “the form follows the function” and “the use of new materials”, to respond to the current needs and issues of the 21st century whose sustainable construction and operation.
Designed like geometric and color experimentation, the Museum is in a continuation of Bauhaus research. Inspired by Bauhaus painters, as Kandinsky (who established a correlation between the 3 elementary shapes and the 3 primary colors: “yellow triangle, red square, and blue circle”), the project creates bridges between architecture and painting by playing and combining the 3 elementary shapes and their primary colors associated.
Each shape hosts particular functions and sustainable systems according to its intrinsic and geometric qualities.
The 3 primary colors are used to guide the visitors through the Museum. The red indicates the vertical circulations, the blue shows the relations with the exterior (entrances and observatory), while the yellow marks the incubator part. The colors are related to materials applied which introduce sustainable measures. The choice of the materials, the building shape, and the combination of microclimates are parts of a comprehensive strategy aiming to reach the Net Zero Carbon label.