Project Name: The International Cultural Center of the Ukrainian House
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Site area:40000 sqm
Client: Territory of Dignity: International competition
Service: Architecture Design & Consultancy
Our project offers a holistic strategy to revitalize the Ukrainian House and its surrounding public spaces in order to create a common, social and cultural, human-scale space, both welcoming and attractive.
We aim to create a place commemorating the Revolution of Dignity and the Heaven Hundred, while being at the same time turned toward now and the future.
Maintaining continuity with the creative momentum generated during the Revolution of Dignity and the occupation of the Ukrainian House, our project is a place of freedom of expression, creation and innovation. Wealth of ideas and activities, the Ukrainian House at the European Square will affirm the Ukrainian unity, diversity and cultural identity.
The International Cultural Center of the Ukrainian House hosts a diversity of functions that interact with each other: an Artistic & Cultural Residence, an Educational Center & Entertainment Areas, a part of the Maidan Museum, a Press & Convention Center, the Maidan Library & Multimedia Library, an Archive Center, a Print Center, a Movie & Concert Hall, and also gardens, panoramic platform, anti-cafe, retail store, and restaurant.