Project Name: House of Hungarian Music
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Size:  9875 sqm
The main concept of the House of Hungarian Music was inspired by folk tales of houses in the forest; the protection of the existing trees is one of the most important considerations in developing this project.
The new House of Hungarian Music is composed by volumes spread though the plot. They touch the ground creating a large central courtyard. However, certain volumes are raised, creating spaces to the underside that become routes in and also in-between spaces.
The building allows visitors to approach from all directions entering through the courtyard or in the main building to understand and orientate themselves within the House of Hungarian Music. The journey to the building can vary thanks to the external envelopes and building’s volumes.
The volumes are interconnected and the façade is constructed of wood. The three colors of wood have been chosen to create some patterns inspired by the seasonal change of colour. They are large wooden pieces measuring around 25 centimeters wide and 4 centimeters thick. The boxes are made entirely of wood with some glass openings in the façade in order to capture views or light.
The main volume of the House of Hungarian Music is located to the north side of the site flanked by a row of trees. The courtyard itself can be used as an external performance space. The journey into it goes back to some of the original ideas about a controlled sensory, spatial experience, which allows visitors to be removed from the park and city to enjoy/experience music.
The Main Building becomes higher, with views from its upper levels to the lake beyond the trees. The changing seasons cause the aspect and views from the building to change.
The differentiated and interconnected spatial sequences of public spaces and entertainment spaces inside the building create a lively and social interaction. At the same time permitting the creation of a building that can just offer the peace and concentration that is desirable for enjoyment.
The new building will provide a mix of cultural uses; an attraction for residents and artists as well as domestic and international guests. From the most public to the most private of spaces, the building allows for charming views of the city park.
Movement, spaces and light manifest themselves clearly as important and essential players in the building. The new House of Hungarian Music in Budapest provides the visitor an exciting environment and a transition to the Hungarian music culture.