Project Name: Jinhua Regeneration Creative Park
Location: Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Size: 18 500 sqm
Client: Jinhua Taigu Craft
Jinhua Gulouli Creative Park is a mixed-use regeneration project located in Jinhua. Jinhua is a developing city in southern China. We utilised the strong cultural and historic elements in the architecture of the city to create the main ideas for developing the project.
The basis of the design transforms the site into a new attractive point in Jinhua city. Shops, restaurants, bars and hostels are the main functions. The site was occupied with old empty buildings that we decided to keep and regenerate. The existing buildings were one of the main factors to mark the development of the land. We focused on mixing new modern design with Chinese culture, the volumetric design of the new buildings are in harmony with the old ones keeping a historic sense and feeling. Modern materials were mixed with old brick. To connect both types of architecture we used transparent buildings that run across the site and act as clean elements joining old and new architecture.
In the design strategy, we incorporated different thematic plazas with different meanings. Plazas are linked for an easy path to transform the site as a place of further enjoyment for citizens and visitors. There are five different plazas in which each is a design representing one of the five elements in Chinese culture. Gold, wood, water, fire and earth provide different distinct characteristics and an understanding of the space, allowing the public to interact and acquire different experiences.