Project Name: Beijing Shunyi Mingqing Furniture Production Base
Location: Beijing, China
Size: 23 298.5 sqm
Client: Beijing Huanantaihe Deverlopment Ltd.
Note: Collaborating with GMA
The site is located in Miajuan Village, Mapo Town, Shunyi District of Beijing. The project covers a total floor area of 19 385.6 sqm, with GFA of the plant and ancillary facilities up to 18 667.84 sqm with the underground construction area at 717.76 sqm. The project plan is an attempt to build a plant for the manufacturing, storage and exhibition of high-quality handmade wooden furniture. In combination with some traditional Chinese architectural features and the local natural ecological environment, the design utilizes a high-quality water system and green landscape to develop a beautiful, comfortable and ecological landscape environment in which buildings and environment complement each other, bringing people a noble and rich visual experience and feeling of space. Through seizing geographical features and grasping the mainstream traditional culture and modern aesthetic orientation, our design is oriented to providing a contemporary interpretation of traditional architectural imagery and a modern continuation of traditional aesthetics with the hope of depicting the most original traditional Chinese architectural culture and space concept.