Project Name: Gu'an Business Building
Location: Gu'an, Hebei, China
Size: 22 000 sqm
Client: China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd
Note: Detailed Design and Collaborating with Zhengdong International Architectural & Engineering Design  (BEIJING)CO.,LTD
As an important office and management building in the Gu’an industrial park, Gu’an Pioneer Plaza also acts as one of the important landmark buildings in the park. The building provides 35 000 sqm of the total floor area with 14 floors of office space and 3 floors of supporting podium. The project seeks to design a building with a simple architectural image. The large-curve façade is mainly made of metal and glass to show its modern touch. The horizontal white metal part of the façade grows narrower as it moves upwards with a change of rhythm to make the architecture appear simple and generous with a sense of design.