Project Name: Beijing Jingyuan
Location: Beijing, China
Size: 45 000 sqm
Client: Jingyuan Graphics Arts Ltd.
Note: Collaborating with Tsinghua Urban Planning Institute

Jingyuan, close to the central business district, is located at No.3 Guangqu Road, covering 100 000 sqm of land area and 60 000 sqm of floor area. The site was originally occupied by a cotton & linen warehouse with 50 years of history. The Chinese traditional idea of “Unity of Heaven and Man” is integrated with a variety of modern creative design elements in the renovation, and thereby the old warehouse which was fully saturated with historical and cultural information from the industrial age was rejuvenated with post-industrial-age vitality to form a perfect modern office space of capital scarcity serving modern cultural and creative industries.
The design concept of this project is to retain the original style and features of the buildings and the park when repairing and expanding in small scale the existing buildings, which could form the contrast between old and new and narrate the development history of the city and the park. In addition, we also deliberately leave a lot of space for modification which allows the users to make a personalized adjustment based on their needs to highlight the individuality of artists but also improve the participation degree of designers, owners and users, thereby stimulating more energy and vitality from the project.