Project Name: Qianjiang Agriculture and Commercial Mixed Use
Location: Qianjiang, Hubei, China
Size: 366 700 sqm
Client: Qianjiang Agricultural Marketing Ltd.
Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, is located in South-Central China. The city is a bridge connecting the east and west of Hubei Province. The site is located in an agricultural business market. On this site, we can find two different areas, the first being a market that includes multiple industries of agricultural products and the second combining logistic companies, banks, and telecommunication technology companies, together in cooperation to enhance the market platform.
The Masterplan provides a new design of people-movement for the area. A new pedestrian access will connect the market with the residential and business area. The lake in the center of the site and the green corridors will provide special attractions for residents. The uses in the Masterplan include a shopping mall, commercial street, residential areas and the agricultural market.