Project Name: Shangrao Wanda Plaza
Location: Shangrao, Jiangxi, China
Total building area: 606 600 sqm
Client: Wanda Plaza

Shangrao Wanda Plaza is a luxury shopping mall which houses international brand stores, world-class boutiques, catering outlets and cinemas. SURE Architecture’s approach to the design of the Shangrao Wanda Plaza combines both contemporary and cultural design elements in one concept. We worked to design the façade for the entire complex, including the shopping mall, office towers and a 5-star hotel.
Movement and flow in the Shangrao landscape were the main elements used to design the façade of the mall. The façade design focuses on achieving a dynamic effect reflecting the movements and colors of the flowers and mountains which are very particular to Shangrao city. Their specific positions in relation to each other recreate the beautiful dynamic color effect that you can find in the city. The media roof and the use of different colors will attract shoppers and clearly mark both main entrances to the shopping mall.