Project Name: Yinchuan Yuehai Wanjia
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
Size: 146 700 sqm
Client: Construction Group Real Estate Company
The mixed-used masterplan of YueHaiWanJia commercial district aims to combine shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, museum, bars, KTV, cinema, hotels and children’s amusements together in the same place. Designed by SURE Architecture, they were able to create a new entertainment and attraction area for all kinds of people. Using a European city context, overlapped with the Stamp of Xi Xia, which has a historic influence in this city, the result is an exciting layout and space to enjoy for people of all ages.
Yinchuan is a large city in the northwest of China. Yinchuan City has an implied meaning of historic emphasis and multicultural background; here one can feel close to the Arab world owing to the large Muslim community that exists in the area.
We create a mixture of different cultures with 3 different feelings in 3 different plazas: contemporary and modern architecture, old European style and Islamic style. These are all combined and work together in the same masterplan, providing a new complex space where families can enjoy different cultures.