Project Name: Jinhua Center
Location: Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Size: 160 000 sqm
Client: Jinhua Taigu Craft
Jinhua is a Chinese city located in the center of the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. Because of its geographical position, it has become a hub and part of a vital communication line connecting the surrounding provinces. 
The project ‘Jinhua Center’ has been designed in a developing site close to its city-center. This project gathers different programs such as residential, offices, retail shops, shopping malls, bars and restaurants. In the north part of the plot three towers combine offices, apartments and retail shops. The three towers are linked by a podium on the third level. The first two levels contain shops which are open in access to the public space on the ground level.
These three towers intend to be the landmark of the project creating views over the surrounding sites. They face towards the main important road (connection with the city-center) and their height is decreasing to create continuity in the skyline of the project.
The Jinhua Center is an ‘open block’ due to passages open for all people (users and visitors) to walk through. There are two main pedestrian paths. One at the same level as the ground floor and the other is an upper-roof of level one. These passages ensure a small scale urbanism. Shops activate the urban space surroundings to create an intermediate level between the towers and the shop buildings.
Due to the different ground levels of the two main pedestrian paths, the project can offer different kind of shops, combining modules both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, they can be accessed from the lower and upper levels in order to increase the upper levels’ value. Between the requirements of the program and the environmental restrictions, the project features roof gardens to recycle rainwater and greywater to irrigate the plants. The roofs’ gardens offer tranquil green spaces in the public areas. The three towers also combine green elements thanks to the extension of the slabs as terraces. They create private balconies at every floor becoming a landmark part of the project.