Project Name: Lanzhou Holy Sun City
Location: Lanzhou, Gansu, China
Size: 24 sqkm
Client: CTMG West Development Ltd.
Note : Collaborating with CAUPD
Lanzhou in northwest China has a long history and unique landscape. Holy Sun City is located in the south east of Lanzhou’s new area with Baiyin-Zhongchuan airport expressway crossing the site. It is the most important industrial demonstration zone in northwest China. It is a strategic channel for the communication of Mainland China, Central Asia, Western Asia and Eastern Europe. There are five religions in Lanzhou including Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism.
The idea to develop this project is to create a new entertainment tourist area in Lanzhou where different cultures meet in the same place. Visitors could experience and learn about different religious cultures. By inheriting and developing its own tourism resources and enhancing the level of tourism it will become a national or even international resort city. Through the unique theme of tourism development, local tourism will become more international.
The goal is to create an impressive ecological environment in a unique landscape setting. This will allow for a unique religious pilgrimage, cultural shows, and dynamic commercial and residential areas. Western cultural tourism services will be established encouraging the promotion of cultural exchanges from all over the world.