Project Name: Shenyang East Tower Airport 
Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Size: 7.6 sqkm
Client: Planning Bureau in Shenyang
Note: Collaborating with Atkins

The Total floor area: The total planning floor area of Shenyang East Tower Airport District is 7 600 000 sqm, with gross FAR at 1.0. The residential area covers 2 000 000 sqm of floor area with FAR at 1.0. The public facilities cover 5 600 000 sqm of floor area with FAR up to 3.33, of which 15% could be developed flexibly and 840 000 sqm developed into a complex of commercial and residential use according to the practical needs of urban development.
Architectural significance: The relocation and renovation of the East Tower Airport will be of great significance to facilitate the development of the service industry, motivate industrial restructuring and promote urban construction of Shenyang as one of the national central cities.
Design vision: On the basis of the development strategy of Shenyang economic zone and the eastern center, the configuration and layout of a range of urban public service facilities shall be given overall consideration to conduct rational planning of the land for different uses. With regard to the vast space resource released from the airport relocation, it is necessary to re-examine the city function, optimize the space layout and  join the transport system. Meanwhile, successful cases of new city construction and urban regeneration both at home and abroad could be used for reference to conduct in-depth research to build quality urban spaces and landscapes by means of urban design.
Urban design is utilized to improve the vitality of the East Tower Airport district and achieve the development goals of the Shenyang neo-cultural urban centre. The project is aimed at building a new centre with complete functions, smooth traffic flow, an inhabitable ecological environment and a high vitality. The site will be transformed into the international cultural exchange centre of Northeast Asia, the national exhibition & experience base of advanced culture, and meanwhile provide low-carbon sustainable living – an example of a working community, the influence of which could be widely spread over Shenyang’s economic zone.
Masterplan and design focus: the strategic goal of the East Tower Airport District development is to build a Shenyang neo-cultural urban centre – East Tower International Cultural Eco-city, of which the uses include the Northeast Asian International Cultural Exchange Centre, the International Exhibition & Experience Base of Advanced Culture and low-carbon sustainable living – a working community. The development of the East Tower urban centre will follow such a model that high-quality urban cultural facility construction is utilized to improve urban quality, high-end festival events are organized to promote city publicity and integrated land development is centered on transport links to develop the urban complex. The overall layout follows the basic principle of “One Body and Two Wings”. One body refers internationally to the high-quality urban complex as the central project type. One wing is the modern service industry as the internal support motivated by the development of a creative cultural industry, while the other wing symbolises closeness to nature, low-carbon living, and environmental protection as the basic development concepts. The entire project is divided into four core functions, namely, cultural, commercial, business and residential. Therefore, the scale, spatial layout and building image of the four core functions form the focus of the urban design.