Master Planning

Conceptual Design

Interior Design

Curtain Wall Design


Architecture Design

SURE Architecture is providing feasibility, brief and strategy, concept design, working details, and construction administration. It is including housing, commercial and public buildings, educational and cultural architecture; and historical preservation and regeneration. We are trying to setup some methodology for architecture with academic research ad experiment. Architecture is a part of urban regeneration and a story of the society.

Urban Planning

SURE Architecture is also concentrating on large scale urban planning and urban design. Housing area proposal ad district design is our important service scope as well. SURE Architecture is aiming to create quality exterior living environment, urban regeneration is a process of recording history fro the city and society.

Interior Design

SURE Architecture is considering that the interior space is one of the most important scopes of architecture. Interior design is not only decoration but rather than a part of architectural design. It is the inner envelop and human scale living environment.


Landscape design is a part of the urban design and architectural design. SURE Architecture is going to research new Chinese architectural language to represent Chinese traditional garden. It is connecting with architecture, urban design and interior space.